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Tuesday 26th September

Get me off this Island!

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Ok, so I made it through the night – Alive! I was up at 8.30am and had to check out by 10am, so I carried on along the road I was walking yesterday. I found a place called ‘In Touch” which had cabins and was recommended in Lonely Planet. It was 500baht a night but hopefully had no cockroaches. I had a cabin all to myself, a big room with a double bed and a bathroom with no roof! You had a shower and went to the toilet outside. The walls were still high so it was like a normal room, it just had no ceiling.

Once I sorted my cabin I carried on and found a place to book my boat and bus ticket to Bangkok tomorrow. By the time I had my ticket, it was time to get back to Mr J’s to check out. I went back, got my backpack and moved to In Touch. It seemed a lot further to walk with my backpack and the extra weight.

I didn’t even bother to unpack as I was only staying one night, so I went for breakfast at the café across the way, banana pancakes of course, only this time it was burnt, then went for a walk. I went and got some toiletries and used the internet, then walked back home.

When I got back I noticed something on the wall. Not a cockroach. Not a spider, but a huge moth!! Not like the ones at home, this one could fly away and take me with it. I contemplated what to do, so I sat outside for a bit. I then went and got some dinner. Whilst I was there I asked the guy if he could get the moth/bird out of my cabin and he arranged for someone to get it for me. The man burst out laughing when he aw it, he picked it up by it’s wings and threw it out. He even kindly checked the room for any others for me. What a relief! Maybe I could sleep soundly tonight, for once.

With my mind at ease I wandered back to the port where there were some shops. I went on the internet again and chatted for a while, then went back to the Irish pub where I had been yesterday. There were loads of Brits and I was itching for someone to talk to. However, this is a place where Scuba Diving rules and everyone was so engrossed in conversations, about their previous dive, that I would have had nothing in common with them anyway. So I finished my drink and made my way back to my cabin.

Thank God for Baygon. As the cabin I was staying in was amongst the trees, the place was crawling with mozzies. I lit a coil and went to sit outside but kept getting bitten. I went back inside and figured out where I would be staying tomorrow night in Bangkok. I can’t wait to leave this island!!

After a while I decided to go back over to the café for something to eat. The place was busy and full of excited scuba divers. I wasn’t going to meet anyone here so I went back to my cabin. Packed up my stuff and got organised, then had yet another early night

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