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Thursday 28th September

I only went in to have a look!

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I woke up at 9am this morning. My headache was gone, I think it was the Japanese girls breath for 8 hours that caused it. I got up and had my first hot shower in 3 weeks. It was 400baht per night to stay at the hotel and with this being Bangkok I was sure I could find something cheaper. This was my mission for today.

I got dressed and packed up my stuff and left it in storage at the hotel. I walked down the road and used the internet to find the addresses of some hostels, especially ‘Hi Sukhumvit’ which was the highest rated. I got something to eat and went for a wander, Koh San Road wasn’t far away, in fact it was only 2 streets away. It was so busy, you can get, use or buy anything here. I found an Irish bar and consulted my map.

I had earlier been to a travel agent but because of the time restriction and someone stealing my boots, Chiang Mai was out of the question, so were any other tours I wanted to do. It looked like I was in Bangkok for the next 5 days. As I looked at my map I saw that the Hi Sukhumvit was quite far away. So I got a tuk-tuk there. The tuk-tuk journey was the scariest thing I have ever done. The drivers here are crazy. It took about half an hour to get to the hostel which as nice and cheaper. The only trouble was that the money saved on accommodation would have been spent o transport back to the city each day.

I walked part of the way back, the got a taxi back to Koh San Road which, it turned out, was really cheap or the tuk-tuk driver had ripped me off. When I got back to Koh San Road I looked for other cheaper places to stay. They were either cheaper but nasty or about the same price but still not as nice. It seemed last night, I had stumbled across the best place in the city!

On my way down Koh San Road I found a tattoo shop. I had a look inside and spoke with the staff and decided upon getting a tattoo around my ankle to remind me of my trip. It meant ‘Good life, Good Health, Good Fortune’. Whilst the tattooist was tracing out my tattoo, an English guy strolled in. We got talking and it turned out he was from Ruthin and we even knew some of the same people. He had been working on Koh Tao as a scuba diving instructor and was flying home tomorrow for 3 months as it was monsoon season. This would explain the rain whilst I had been there. His name was Andy and he got a tattoo saying ‘Live forever’ down his spine. Our tattoos were ready at the same time so we got tattooed together and chatted to take our minds off the pain. My tattoo took longer though.

Once we were finished we went for something to eat at the Irish pub. I had, yet another, banana pancake. By the time we finished eating it was dark. We went for a walk and asked around at a few more hostels. It looked like I was checking back in at the same place I had stayed last night. Andy came with me and we went and did a bit of shopping before Andy had to leave.

We said our goodbyes around 9.30pm as Andy’s flight was at 5am the next morning. He climbed into a tuk-tuk and I went back to the hotel and watched a movie. Then I fell asleep.

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