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Monday 11th September

New Friends, New Sights

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I didn’t sleep well last night because I was bitten to death by the mozzies and found out we were actually staying next door to a chinese karaoke bar/nightclub/brothel. Still, I was up quite early again and went downstairs for breakfast. I wanted to see the Batu Caves and Matt didn’t have any plans so it looked like I was getting my own way. As we had breakfast and got ready, I got talking to a girl called Victoria from Scarborough and Matt had met a lad called Chris fro Bristol. We invited them both along with us for the day so the 4 of us set off for the bus station to Batu Caves.

When we got to the station we had no idea which bus to get, so we got a taxi instead. As it was split between 4 of us it wasn’t so expensive. We got chatting to the taxi driver, his name was Ricky and took pictures for us at the caves. He even said that he would wait for us as it doesn’t take long to look around.

So we ventured up the 272 steps to the cave and I stupidly didn’t realise how hard it would be. Matt. Chris and Victoria flew up the steps but I was paggered. Talk about a workout – Never again! At the top, the cave was just a cave but it had a few shrines in it. I suppose it’s a lot different when the festival is on (If you don’t know what I mean, Google it!). So with wobbly legs I trundled back down the 272 steps, hanging on for dear life and hoping that my legs don’t give way and I fall down to the bottom.

It was only early still when we finished at Batu caves and we didn’t know what to do next, so we asked Ricky. He suggested the bird park and butterfly park and took us straight there. We had a good sing-a-long to The Carpenters on the way there, me and Ricky were singing our hearts out in the front of the car.

By the time we got to the bird park we were starving. Luckily, the park had a restaurant so we went for something to eat in there. We had a table on a balcony overlooking the park and had the tropical birds sat in the trees around us. Not only was this great but the food was great and the company was great too! Having fed our faces, we entered the park and spent the next couple of hours walking round and taking pictures. Victoria was meeting a friend that afternoon so just as we finished looking around the park, she left and we went on to the butterfly park. I was nervous about this as I hate moths but it wasn’t so bad. Just as long as the insects didn’t fly towards me I was fine (I know. I’m a wimp!).

It started to rain when we got in the butterfly park so we had a quick wander and went for the exit. However, the park didn’t end there as there were a few rooms inside which were full of tropical insects. Have you seen a bird eating spider up close? Not nice. Once we had finished at this park we got a taxi back to the hostel and put on a dvd to chill for a bit. Matt chose Fast and the Furious- Tokyo Drift – CRAP!!! By the time the movie finished we were hungry so went for something to eat. Chris knew of a place in town so the 3 of us went there. It was a Chinese and was really nice. However, you had to use chopsticks and Chris and Matt struggled, therefore ending up with spoons (and they still made more mess than me). After dinner we were restless but there was nowhere to go. There aren’t any bars, pubs or clubs because most people are Muslim and can’t drink. A game of bowling was decided but I wasn’t so keen so said I would do some shopping instead. Unfortunately, all the shops were closed so I had to play, not only that but it was 2 games for the price of 1 so I had to play both.

In no time, I had got into it and had had a great night, what had I been worried about? We went back to the hostel and surprise surprise, the football was on within minutes. It was our last night in KL and we hadn’t discussed where we were all going to go tomorrow. Then Chris mentioned he was going to the Pehrenthian Islands to meet some friends and asked us if we wanted to go with him.

This was new to me as I am so used to planning everything. However, the trick to travelling is make no plans, the only now is I have to get used to it. So Matt and I agreed to the trip and tomorrow we are off to the Pehrentian Islands. I have never even heard of the place before but so what! Anyway, it was 4am and the football was still on, so I went to bed to listen to the slutty Chinese karaoke instead.

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