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Sunday 17th September

Car Bombs and the Prince of thailand

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Today was the day I had been dreading. The lads were going to Bangkok and I was off to Koh Phi Phi.

We got up early and caught the boat back to the mainland. It seemed to take forever. Then we got 2 taxis to the Thai border – one of the most dangerous border crossings in the world! Whilst in the taxi I spoke to Matt about what he had said on that drunken night, he didn’t remember and apologised.

We got to the Thai border and I started to panic, I couldn’t breathe! I was scared to death!! I didn’t want to leave the lads for one minute but I couldn’t tag along for another week. I think they had had enough of me. The lads were asking me if I was ok, but I couldn’t tell them that I didn’t want them to go. I wasn’t this bad when I said ‘Goodbye’ to my parents.

We got through the Thai border and started walking to the train station. The lads were catching a 20 hour train up to Bangkok, as for me, I didn’t know what I was doing. I knew the plan was to go to Koh Phi Phi but I had no idea how or when I was going to get there.

As we were walking, I turned around and Matt was talking to a blonde girl who had been queuing behind us at the border. I don’t know how he does it! I later found out she thought he looked more approachable because he was gay!!

Anyway, I also got talking to the blonde girl who was from Holland and called Judith, though her English was better than mine. She was also on her way to Koh Phi Phi and my prayers were answered, ‘Hallelujah!’. We agreed to travel together and keep each other company as we also needed to get a train, my worries were over. See! Something always turns up in the end. The bad thing was that we were catching an earlier train so I didn’t have long before I had to say goodbye. It was horrible but I suppose it is something I will have to get used to. I’m really, really going to miss each one of them a lot!! I had the best time with them!

So Judith and I got on our train, headed for Hat Yai where we would spend the night. The train took about 5 hours but had air con and the scenery was beautiful. We got off the train in Hat Yai and Judith knew of a hostel close by. We booked in and went for a KFC because we were starving.

We walked down the street and noticed there was a lot of police, and I mean a lot! So we asked what was going on and apparently there had been 6 car bombs about an hour before we arrived. Four people had been killed and the Prince of Thailand was due to visit that night.

Judith and I went back to the hostel and waited at the window, which overlooked the crossroads where the Prince would be passing. When he passed with his entourage of limos, his car seemed to stop a little way up the road, out of sight. So me and Judith ran downstairs into the crowds with nothing on our feet and our pyjamas on to play paparazzi.

The streets were packed with people cheering and waving flags. Judith and I pushed our way to the front and Judith was told that the Prince was in the big blue tent in front of us. So Judith made her way there only to find that the 4 dead bodies from earlier today, were laid there. This put a complete downer on it all and made it real that this was not something to have fun with or something to be celebrating. The crowds were cheering for the Prince but seemed to forget why he was there in the first place. With that Judith and I went back to the hostel and went to bed. It was 9pm and we had to be up at 7am for our bus to Krabi.

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